How many teeth does an adult have

How smoking affects the health of your teeth, and, in general, the oral cavity? It causes many diseases, in some cases, even death. But still, many smokers do not realize that smoking is harmful and yet the oral cavity: gums and teeth. Smoking makes your teeth yellow and gums - the sick, eventually leading to tooth loss, and in the worst case - to cancer of the mouth. It occurs due to the large amount of tar in tobacco smoke.
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Human Dentition

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Stomatology for smokers

Man has two sets of teeth, the deciduous temporary teeth, and the succedaneous permanent teeth. The temporary teeth in man are twenty in number: ten in the upper jaw and ten in the lower jaw, placed symmetrically on each side of the mesial line. Those teeth composing the deciduous set are four central incisors, four lateral incisors, four cuspids canines , four first molar and four second molars. The eruption of the primary teeth begins at about 6 months of age with the mandibular incisors. All primary teeth have usually erupted by the age of 2 years, although there is considerable individual variation, with some children not exhibiting their first teeth until they are over 1 year old.
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